Video Editing With DaVinci Resolve And Rico Richardson

These days a lot of photographers don’t just photograph still images, but take a lot of video footage. Unlike photographs, the medium of video means software packages are more complicated and can do very different things to photo editing software, making them ideal for creating videos for promotion, YouTube and even movies.

DaVinci Resolve by BlackMagicDesign is a fantastic free video suite that allows you to create the best best in video for your every need. It offers “Professional Editing, Color, Effects and Audio Post!”

There are far too many features to mention, but to highlight a few, it has HDR, LUT support, visual effects, text, next generation colour grading, mesh based warping, wide colour gamut, fast editing with keyboard and mouse, real time audio mixing, live view, cutting, pasting and so much more!!!

Our friend Rico Richardson on YouTube has a fantastic playlist of tutorials on using DaVinci Resolve. We highly recommend that you check out and subscribe to his channel, in fact both YouTube channels as they are a fantastic resource and very educational.

Check out DaVinci Resolve with Rico RichardsonThe number one resource for Davinci Resove tutorials on YouTube. Subscribe and enjoy!

Check out Gear Island with Rico RichardsonWant to see some amazing gear reviews? Why not subscribe and check out this new YouTube channel!

Check out DaVinci ResolveThe number one free video editor suite.

If you’ve found this useful, and would like more video orientated articles, then please let us know in the comments. As usual, if you like what you see, please like, comment and subscribe!

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