Vivian Park IR Photography

Today I was lucky enough to have the time to go out and experiment at a local park with my Infrared filters for my Fujifilm X-T3. I wanted to experiment on trees and woodland, mixed with a few other things. The weather was perfect, if a little cold, and I took a number of photographs in the hour I was out and about.

Vivian Park is a little area in the centre of Sandfields in Port Talbot. It is surrounded by trees, has a children’s play area, lawn bowls area and plenty of seating. It’s popular with local dog walkers and children. There are plenty of flower-beds and the place is like a little haven away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

All these images were taken on my Fujifilm X-T3 with the 850nm filter (colour) and 950nm filter (monochrome). All images were edited in Darktable Infrared images are much more work than usual images, but when you get results you like, they can be quite unique and always a lot of fun. Exposure times vary from 5 seconds or so to around 25 seconds, and all EXIF data is in the images.

Here are the colour 850nm filter images, as you can see, you can produce some interesting results. To see how these images look before editing you can visit my Real Infrared With Neewer Filters article.

I also used the 950nm filter which produces much more monochrome looks to images as it blocks out much more colour light.

I know that not all these images are perfect, and it’s a learning curve remembering where the sun is and how it can affect the image with glare etc, but I am truly impressed by the ones that I like! The amount of scope I now have with photography has given me more to look forward in the coming months when we can once again travel around to take photographs.

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Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

7 thoughts on “Vivian Park IR Photography

  1. Hello Mark, the differences are big in color and the effect that each filter has, this is much more difficult than I thought, luckily we have someone who figures it out for all of us 🙂
    I can’t wait for the next writing and pictures from you.

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    1. It’s really good fun, I’m impressed at how Darktable handles them too. For some reason I’ve always been more of a fan of the coloured look of Infrared, although I know a lot like the monochrome.


      1. I agree Mark, for me it’s the kind were the trees are white and the rest having a soft pink touch – B&W can be great to – IR is not an easy subject in photography, that’s for sure.

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