A little uninspired, no motivation and lack of interest lately.

Just a little update on the site. Things have been a bit quiet to usual as I’ve been a little bit uninspired to do anything, and lacked any real interest in things. I know it’s just something I’m going through, but just finding out hard a minute.

It’s not just the website. I run a large photography group that meets once a week, and I’ve just lost my mojo. I can’t think of places to go, I have no interest in keeping on top of things and I’m generally just uninspired by everything. I know that’s not me, so I just keep on plodding along and hoping I’ll get out of it with a little help from my friends.

I’m the same with my photography, I just can’t find interest to pick up the camera. I’m really struggling to focus on anything.

I have the latest episode of poems and writings by Ann coming to the site very soon which I know a lot of you like, plus I’m going on a shoot on Tuesday. I actually have our from other shoots I’ve haven’t shared because of the way I’m feeling.

Anyway, I hope to get back to normal soon. I apologise for the lack of content. Feel free to drop me any articles if you want something published.

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

12 thoughts on “A little uninspired, no motivation and lack of interest lately.

  1. I went out this morning and shot around my downtown area. My motivation is also down and I get a sense of “been there, done that” since there has been no diversity in my subject matter for the last year. I try to shake things up by forcing myself to use lenses that I seldom use, or constricting myself to a format that is not normal to my eye, like square.

    It is an inertia thing, an object at rest… It is hard to get moving, but I’m always glad that I did go out when I look at the images upon returning.

    One day, we’ll be back to normal.

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  2. As Albert also writes here, I think almost all photographers have a similar problem, and not just photographers.
    I also suffer from it.
    But I have to say, like Albert, it helps to go anyway.
    I don’t regret it afterwards, and it helps for the next hurdle.
    It takes time to adjust, but we’ll get there.

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  3. I think we are all feeling it, these days. We want something new, something exciting, something to look forward to. The same old same old just does not cut it any more. I even find myself going out without my camera in hand. And that is when I see a bird I have never seen before. Serves me right. Spring is renewing my interest and hope that works for you as well. Stay well. Allan

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  4. “This too shall pass”! Hang in there, fella, and just remember that everything is only temporary. How about making a thematic shoot on the subject of ennui, boredom, or apathy?

    Take care!


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  5. Yep me too, mojo gone, must be the covid thing, although here in West Australia we havent been through much lockdowns as in other countries, but it still closed a lot of venues and people are not going out and about as much. Therefore my street photography has taken a back step. My other love macro….well i bought some lensbaby’s to play with, mmmm not that excited either. Trying to come up with different ideas is sooo hard.
    Yes Im sure it will all pass but very slowly, my age is against me being 76 but still very active.

    Im also events co-ordinator for my local club, and oh boy its been hard to get that lot to come out and play.
    Tomorrow night I have organised a play with Lensballs.
    I hope that works out.
    All we can do is plod on and hope inspiration comes.

    Take care, and I do enjoy your blogs

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  6. keep the spirit rolling, Mark. As the other posts, I too am feeling low, and not finding the inspiration for new photos or for my local club competitions, so at the moment, a spectator which is really not me. Maybe a break then return again in few months, for me. I hope you return with enthusiasm after all this splendid work/effort you have made. I enjoy your articles / blogs, and hope all is OK there. M

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