Breaking Trails with Matt Johnson (#3)

One Camera One Lens has partnered with Matt Johnson to bring you his Breaking Trails videos. A series of wonderful blogs that explore the region of South Wales.

About the author/vlogger:

A quick description of myself… My name is Matt. I’m 35 and suffer from depression, personality disorder and a few other mental health issues. I took photos as just a day out thing until we were put into lockdown last year, since then I started properly learning the basics of photography. I quickly fell in love with my hobby and decided to create a social media platform to share my images. I realised that people started to like my photography so I worked hard to try to perfect my hobby. I love everything about photography and lately I’ve been accepted into my local camera club, Morriston camera club where I share my thoughts and ideas with the club. I’ve won numerous achievements in different camera groups, winning image of the day, image of the month and so on. I’ve always enjoyed documenting my journeys so I’ve recently created a YouTube channel which you can follow me on my adventures as I head out and about to different locations taking photos and vlogging my adventures. Appropriately named breaking trails. Photography has, and still helps me deal with my mental health issues. Thank you.

For more video from Matt, please visit his YouTube Channel here.

You can find Matt’s work in these places:

Instagram Page here with great images to view.

Facebook Page here

We will feature more from Matt and Breaking Trails in the future, and if you have a story that needs to be shared, then please contact me and we will get it out for everyone to see.

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

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