Latest Site Updates (October 2021)

I’ve been tweaking the site to give a better experience to viewers, hopefully in a subtle way that you probably won’t even notice! Below you will see a list of the many changes I have done today to

  • Site logo added – Although I had a logo before, I was adding it some pages and not others, and it was situated below the menu options. I have rectified this by getting rid of the “One Camera One Lens” text and replacing it with an image. This meant also getting rid of the logos which I had placed under the menu on certain pages. Hopefully this will give it a more pleasant and consistent look.
  • Changed the site fonts – A subtle one this, but I changed the font’s from the generic group fonts to Chivo/Open Sans. I prefer the cleaner look of these font’s and they will hopefully be pleasing to your eyes.
  • Menu titles – The menu strip has had the names of some items changed. I’ve simplified to just “Projects” on my photography projects and added “Fujifilm Recipes” instead of just “Fuji”.
  • Homepage text – I have significantly reduced the amount of text on the homepage intro, plus reduced the size of the disclaimer/note on the bottom of the homepage in order to attract the viewer to viewing images and exploring the site more.
  • Image gallery – This page has seen images added and slight tweaks.
  • Facebook icon link – This has changed from my personal Facebook which is blocked to non-friends and has been replaced by the One Camera One Lens Facebook page.

I am continually working and thinking of new ways to keep the website fresh and interesting, it is updated daily in at least one place (usually the dynamic Instagram feed that can be found on the homepage and photo blog pages) and of course, blogs are a regular occurrence.

Please feel free to share the website and help me on the journey…

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

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