Update on future videos

So, as I have been doing weekly videos now for the last couple of months, I have been tweaking the format and trying to get things right. There was one thing I was never happy with though, so from the next video, things will change!

The initial idea of the videos was meant to be one of calm, however, I’ve struggled to find the right kind of background music. Although parts of the background tracks have been soothing, they’ve all built up into rousing anthems!

I have found a source for much more relaxing music, and combined with lesser volume, I intend to get things sorted! It’s thanks to your feedback that I kicked my arse into gear and searched for more appropriate music.

Now, I know that music is very subjective, but I think with the next video you’ll see a marked improvement, plus there are a few other tweaks I plan to do.

So, stick with me and enjoy the ride. And please, please give feedback! The best support I can get is via the released video. Likes and comments on YouTube mean so much, and are very important.

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

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