As a documentary photographer I like to things a little different. It’s easy enough to just show a few images, but I like to present the majority of my images in my blog section. Down below you’ll find my image of the moment, a small selection of photos from before I started this blog along with a list of blogs featuring many photographs. Each of these blogs has been selected because they feature images which I think you will like. Click on them and explore them please! Also LIKE an SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy what you see.

My “image of the moment” is this beautiful image!

Here is a sample gallery from the past year of taking images with the Fujifilm camera. Due to recent events things have been quite slow, but hopefully things will start getting back to normal now!

Here you will find all my photographs contained in my blogs. I’ve decided to do it this way to give you some context of why they were taken, when they were taken and how they were taken. Each image in the blog can be viewed full screen. Take a look and enjoy!

My life journeys are my photography, my stories and my blogs.

Beach Life At Aberavon

I live next to the beach, and it’s a beautiful place to live. We have so much to offer at Aberavon, and sometimes it’s nice to just photograph the people as well as the landscape around us. This blog I’ve titled “Beach Life At Aberavon”, and is a slice of life during lockdown in Wales … Continue reading Beach Life At Aberavon


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