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“For an image to be 100% complete, you need to feel it, everyone needs to see it the same, not on a screen which is calibrated very different for everyone, but in print. You can hold it, you can study it, you can even sniff it”

Mark G.Adams 08-04-23

From Project To Print – Projects To Be Proud Of

All through my photographic career, from my humble beginnings with a Zenith film camera back in the early 1980s, through to the most recent days, there has always been one thing that completes an image for me. The final, printing stage. During the film years (which ended quite recently for me), this was no problem, as 35mm film photography is always about the finished print, but with digital, many people just do not print anymore. For me though, I print my images from my printer as often as I can. Usually these images are 6×4 prints, which I store in various photo albums, however, I do print images up to A4 for myself and I have had photo books printed out before. Anything bigger, I will send away to print. I just find it more cost effective this way.

“From Project To Print” is a new concept I have been thinking of, and will form long term projects where the outcome is always a tangible outcome. That outcome will be some sort of print work. In years gone by, my projects on my website have just been a collection of images, but from this moment onward they are going to be that and more.

This page will include links to my latest projects, including their name, the target theme of the project, the digital files from the project plus images to and of the final printed work. I hope you can take the time to enjoy the process with me.

Project One:
Aberavon: Alleys, Art & Architecture

Current Status: Began 13/04/23

Link: Visit “Aberavon: Alleys, Art & Architecture”

Visit for more information

For my first project in the “From Project To Print” series, I wanted to set myself a tough job, but one that I think will be interesting to myself, and those who know me.

Timescale: “Aberavon: Alleys, Art & Architecture” will take part over a few months.

Theme Subject: To document Aberavon (the area I live) over a period of a month or two. Concentrating on the things not usually seen by everyone. There are a network of alleyways that run through the area, with some interesting sites (such as interesting doorways, walls, shapes and so much more), plus of course you often find artwork in these alleyways that can be very good. Aberavon also has some nice architecture, old and new which will be great to document.

Technical: Images will be taken on Fujifilm X-T3 and Olympus E-PL8 using 35mm equivalent lenses only.

The Outcome: A limited run coffee-table hard backed book of the images, plus writings on anything that is interesting. Looking for 30+ pages, maybe in square format. Each stage of the project will be documented on the project page.

Project Two:
Welsh Summertime 2023

Current Status: Awaiting summer holidays

Link: TBA

For my second project in the “From Project To Print” series, I will be taking iconic images of a typical Welsh Summertime. It may ice-cream trucks, people sharing a sun umbrella, a crowded beach or so much more!

Timescale: “Welsh Summertime 2023” will take place over the summer months of 2023.

Theme Subject: Document Welsh Summertime during 2023 in and around the South Wales area.

Technical: Images will be taken on the Nikon P50 CCD sensor camera for an authentic film-like look and feel.

The Outcome: Currently looking at printing the images as 8×10 and making a one off scrap-book type book.

Please call back soon to see the outcome of these projects!

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