Welcome to Great Photography Walks Neath Port Talbot (NPT). We are South West Wales leading photography and walking group and we host walks once a fortnight (or once a week in summer) in and around the South Wales are of the UK. No membership is required, and everyone of all ages are welcome to join us.

We usually have a schedule of our meets, however due to the Corvid-19 pandemic, we currently are organising meets on a week by week basis. We ask that if you attend the meets with us that you wear suitable footwear and clothing, and you are fit enough to take part with us. All meets, walks, events and after events are taken at your own risk.

Image Sandra Beer
Image Mark Adams
Image David Ellinsworth

As a group we participate in sharing our photographs on our Facebook group which can be found at Anyone is allowed to join the group, and it can be found either by clicking on the above link or searching Facebook. If you’re interested in our group, this is what we get up to:


We take our walks seriously, but sometimes we get lost in our photography, so the walks don’t get us as far as they should! However far our walks though, there is always an opportunity to take photographs and make friends.


It doesn’t matter what level of photographer you are, we are here to help you achieve your photography goals. We offer 1-2-1 help on the walks, plus we can supply helpful fact sheets. We also do workshops on a regular basis, so if you want to improve your photography then please  join us now.

Promoting Wales

You will find the finest images of South West Wales on our Facebook group page and within this site. All our photos are taken by local amateur photographers who enjoy experimenting with different styles. Each photographer has been with us on the walks and has improved every week.

On Our Facebook Page There’s So Much More!

Great Photography Walks NPT is more than just a group that meets up, we also are a learning centre where we do all we can to help you improve your photography. Our Facebook page, meets and workshops offer:

  • Comprehensive  help sheets available, including a specially written guide on using your camera and help sheets on choosing the best editing software.
  • One-On-One advice on our walks, as well as certain walks being dedicated to camera actions such as long exposures, night photography and close-up photography.
  • Workshops or written guides held and shared on a regular basis throughout the year, showing you how to use Photoscape X Pro, Luminar, ON1 Photo RAW, Affinity Photo and much more!
  • Discount on various software as we are classed as an educational facility.
  • A vibrant Facebook community with users of all levels helping you with your camera and editing needs.
  • Weekly Facebook themes to allow us all to have a target of things to post, plus there’s always an “Open” theme where you can post your favourite photographs.
  • Weekly editing practise, where we supply a raw file for you to edit, share your technique and look how others edited their files.
  • Weekend polls which ask a number of different questions each weekend, which create conversation and debate, allowing you to join in and learn about things you never thought about before!

Great Photography Walks NPT

Great Photography Walks NPT is part of A central hub for photographers across the internet, and home to photographer Mark G.Adams.

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