As a photographer, I like to push myself. That means not only doing things I love, but also doing things that push me out of my comfort zone. There is no better way than doing this than having a few projects set for myself. Over the coming year I will be developing this section, and including my projects. These are a lot of work, so when each page is complete, I will be advertising them on the blog and around the internet.

I feel these are very special, there is as much time as I can put aside to make sure I get the best possible selection of images. Because of this, don’t expect this page to change rapidly. Think of it as more of a place where you can come and just admire the many possibilities of a photographer.

Each project is an exhibition, and will be available as soon as there is enough photographs to be worthwhile.

Live Projects:

Looking at the street artwork, street life and the decay of Port Talbot – Click On Above Banner!

Port Talbot in High Dynamic Range Imagery – Click On Above Banner!

Projects Coming Soon:

Fisheye photography project for some unique images from around South Wales [Coming Soon[

Macro images of all things and more! [Coming Soon[

Over the coming months I intend to expand this collection of projects. Each project page not only features images that have been highlighted in previous blogs, but also hosts many new images exclusive to these projects. That way, the viewer really does benefit from visiting these curated projects.

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