Project: Port Talbot And Area In HDR

Welcome to Project: Port Talbot And Area In HDR. This project has been started to capture Port Talbot and the local area in High Dynamic Range (HDR). This technique merges a minimum of three images, taken at different exposures (for example, on a three exposure HDR you would have one image under exposed, one image correct exposure and one image over exposed). By using this technique it allows you to capture more detail than a standard camera can achieve in the highlights and shadows, plus it allows you to capture more detail when the images are combined.

All images were taken on the Fujifilm X-T3 with various lenses. Images were merged using various software, from Google Photos, Aurora HDR and Photoscape X Pro and experiments with other software. The idea is to get the HDR look and feel, and make the images unique, as opposed to blending techniques which simply use parts of the images for different exposures.

More images will be added over time, so, in the meantime, enjoy these images from Port Talbot and local area.

As you can see, we have the most beautiful sunsets here, and some stunning churches and architecture. Hopefully there’s a different look to these images, and as mentioned, they were taken and processed in a very different way to how I usually do my photographs.

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