Project: Port Talbot Art And Decay

Welcome to Project: Port Talbot Art And Decay. This project has been set up to bring together the street art, street life and decay of Port Talbot town centre and surrounding area. All images have been either taken with a square crop or cropped square in post processing.

Port Talbot is an industrial town in South Wales, not far from the larger town of Neath and the city of Swansea. It has a wonderful coastline, some amazingly beautiful scenery and yet it’s inner-town and some of it’s surrounding built up areas are in a state of decay. This particular project is capturing the art amongst the decay, as well as some general street life images.

Enjoy this exhibition of images, and call back soon for more. [Last updated August 2021]

Many thanks to the great artists who are responsible for these pieces of artwork. If you look deep enough, there’s beauty amongst the decay.

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