Where to find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

As well as keeping up a blog with articles and photographs from my recent photography outings, I also run The Great Photography Walks NPT and have accounts on various forms of social media.

My Instagram Feed (latest updates below) usually has updates at least once a day, usually with alternate edits to what you see elsewhere. You can find me at @myonecameraonelens

My Twitter accounts are @Markyboyo for my personal Twitter and @PhotoWalksNPT for my work and group. I use my Markyboyo Twitter mostly to follow and interact with people.

My Facebook feed is restricted, but if you want to check me out, please visit HERE. I do accept friends requests to people I interact with only.

I am active elsewhere on the internet, but these are my three main sources. Feel free to interact with me in anyway that you want to, I am always available to return the message.