MGA Classic Aged

An aged look straight from camera, and based on old classic AGFA film. This recipe is useful for many types of film photography and was designed to send you back to a time when photography was fully analogue and a very different experience to what it is today.

MGA Classic Aged could be another film simulation recipe to just use for whatever occasion you want. It’s subtle yet bold in what it achieves, and perfect for anyone wanting the feeling of shooting old film stock.

Classic Chrome Reference Vs MGA Classic Aged
Classic Chrome Reference Vs MGA Classic Aged

The Settings you will need are as follows.

Push Pull Process: +1 EV (Just ensure shadows visible)
Dynamic Range: DR100
Film Simulation: Eterna
Grain Effect: Off
Color Chrome Effect: Strong
White Balance: Underwater
WB Shift: R6 : B-7
Highlight Tone: +2
Shadow Tone: +1
Colour: +3
Sharpness: -4
Noise Reduction: 0


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