Image Gallery

I understand that not everyone wants to go through all my blogs to see images, and sometimes it’s great just to see the best images of a certain topic, all in one place. This new image gallery aims to present my images in a quick and easy fashion for your viewing pleasure.

As a documentary photographer, I like to capture images as they are, quite often just using the image as taken by the camera. Of course, I do like to edit as well, but these images for the most part are all as they came from the camera, with perhaps a frame added to them.

Sunsets: A selection of photographs taken as the sun is setting.

Flowers: What is more beautiful than a flower.

General Landscape & Architecture: The beauty around me.

Birds: Testing the skill of every photographer. The beauty of the bird.

Street Life: Images from the streets of South Wales.

Vintage Look: Modern images looking old.

Monochrome: Images straight from camera in monochrome.

Macro: Things up close and personal!

I have so many more images within the photo blog section, all in the context of when they were taken with the story of when, how and why I took the images. Please visit and enjoy them as they were meant to be seen.

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