Welcome to One Camera One Lens, the personal website of myself, Mark G.Adams, a documentary photographer and blogger from South Wales. You’ll find a whole host of images and articles at your fingertips. Simply look around at the photos section for all my latest photo collections, my blog page for articles on all things photography and my dedicated Fujifilm section for Fuji film simulation recipes.

There have been an updates to this site, including: Even more mobile friendly, dynamic home screen (images & blogs update in real time when published), hugely improved blogs page, improved and dynamic photo section, easier Fuji section navigation and tweaks to layout, fonts and social media links.

As a documentary photographer, I like to document the images I’m taking. This means plenty of insight into why I took the images, what I used to take the images and so much more. Please visit my latest blogs below, or visit the blog section for much more content.

Vivian Park IR Photography

Today I was lucky enough to have the time to go out and experiment at a local park with my Infrared filters for my Fujifilm X-T3. I wanted to experiment on trees and woodland, mixed with a few other things.…

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February Sunset In HDR & Infrared

Tonight I wanted to do something a bit different and experiment. I’m always up for a challenge, and so tonight turned out to be a great challenge. My aim was to capture as many HDR images as I could, as…

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I am: A Photographer

We all have different concepts of being a photographer, what it means, what we do and how we do it, so in this article I want to look at what being a photographer means to me. It’s more than just…

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New Look Website

You may have noticed there is a new look to the website? It just needed a coat of paint to keep it fresh. I have the intention to do the following in the coming weeks: * Adjust the home page…

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Infrared Photography Experiments

I’m fascinated by infrared photography, and currently exploring the possibilities of either buying a selection of filters for my current lenses, or going the full hog and getting a full spectrum converted camera. In the mean time, I’m doing a…

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A Monochrome Sunset Experiment

We all know sunsets shouldn’t be in monochrome, especially when it’s a beautiful sunset in a beautiful place. However, I have hundreds of colour sunsets, and the sunset on February 8th 2021 was great, but not spectacular, so I thought…

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Fujifilm Film Simulation Resources

The aim of this article is to give a resource to Fujifilm users who like to use film simulation recipes in their photography. It includes tips and links to give you a complete resource to get the best out of…

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