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Mark G.Adams – Documentary Photographer

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New Film Simulations – MGA Fuji 400H Redux And MGA Kodachrome Classic

Two new film simulation recipes for the Fujifilm X-Trans IV sensors, and for that occasion I went for a walk with the family to take some new photographs to compare the different recipes. I have put a base image of Classic Chrome to compare the two film simulation recipes to. The first new film simulation … Continue reading New Film Simulations – MGA Fuji 400H Redux And MGA Kodachrome Classic

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

Creating a successful photography website

You’ll be surprised at the amount of people who think once you create a personal photography website, that’s all you need to do and the world will see your photographs. In reality, things couldn’t be further from the truth, and taking that approach you’ll have a very limited number of visits to your website, regardless … Continue reading Creating a successful photography website


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