MGA Instant

I have shot 35mm film since the late 70’s and more so the early 1980’s and continue to do so to this day. I also used to enjoy using instant camera’s such as the old Polaroids. Of course, you can still buy these today, but looking back at my old photos, I wanted to recreate the look of some of these instant photographs.

To achieve the look, I sampled quite a few images, and although they did not all look like this, the vast majority had this kind of look and feel. I would highly suggest adding a vignette to the final image, plus add a white border around the image to get the look and feel (see final image).

Classic Chrome Reference Image Vs MGA Instant
Classic Chrome Reference Image Vs MGA Instant

As you can see, it’s a great look out of camera, however as mentioned above, you can get an even better look with a little tweaking in software once you have the jpeg image. Add a vignette and a white border!

A simple vignette and border adds to the feel of instant film

The Settings you will need are as follows.

Push Pull Process: +1 EV (Don’t worry about sky blowout)
Dynamic Range: DR200
Film Simulation: Eterna
Grain Effect: Off
Color Chrome Effect: Strong
White Balance: Incandescent
WB Shift: R6 : B6
Highlight Tone: -1
Shadow Tone: -2
Colour: +4 (But variable, +2 & +3 look good)
Sharpness: +4
Noise Reduction: 0

* On X100V and newer X-Trans IV sensors with Color Chrome FX Blue, set this value to OFF (or experiment and let me know the results!)


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