MGA J-Street

MGA J-Street is based on Japanese low fidelity Street shooting in Black & White with heavy noise and deep contrasts. My take on it works very well in many situations, and to get the real effect, add even more noise in post production! It’s supposed to be gritty, you supposed to miss focus, you supposed to have deep blacks and overexposed highlights. Enjoy MGA J-Street!

J-Street In Action!

The Settings you will need are as follows (I’ve designed this so you don’t have to use Auto White Balance).

Push Pull Process: -1/3EV or 0
Film Simulation: Monochrome+R
Grain Effect: Strong
White Balance: Fluorescent Light 1
WB Shift: R:0 B:0
Highlight Tone: +2
Shadow Tone: +3
Sharpness: +4
Noise Reduction: -4

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