MGA Portra 400

Portra is a classic film stock, and one that you should not really mess with as a developer of these film simulations. I built this Portra 400 from the ground up, looking at many examples from film I have shot in the past, internet examples and more. I have deliberately avoided other recipes for Portra, to try and make this as authentic as possible.

These examples are taken from a recent blog which can be found here. As I take more photos in different weather conditions, I will add to the examples on this page.

The Settings you will need are as follows.

Push Pull Process: +1 (Use your EV dial to ensure shadows are visible)
Dynamic Range: DR100
Film Simulation: Classic Chrome
Grain Effect: Weak

Color Chrome Effect: Strong
White Balance: Auto (Or use Daylight or Shade as needed)
WB Shift: R:4 B:-4
Highlight Tone: -2
Shadow Tone: 0
Colour: +3
Sharpness: +2
Noise Reduction: 0

* On X100V and newer X-Trans IV sensors with Color Chrome FX Blue, set this value to OFF (or experiment and let me know the results!)


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