MGA Primavera

MGA Primavera is based on a generic old film look. It has lovely tones that make it perfect for all types of photography. In my photograph collection I have many images that just look different, and this is the kind of look that they seem to give. It’s a recipe that could match any number of old film types, but I names it Primavera after a filter in Photoscape X Pro, as it looked very similar to the results that gave.

The following examples show the beauty of this recipe. It’s quite simply old-skool in every aspect of it’s look. I’m hoping this one will be loved by those who choose to try it out.

Classic Chrome Reference Vs MGA Primavera
Classic Chrome Reference Vs MGA Primavera

The Settings you will need are as follows.

Push Pull Process: +2/3 or +1
Dynamic Range: DR400
Film Simulation: Eterna
Grain Effect: Weak
Color Chrome Effect: Strong
White Balance: Underwater
WB Shift: R7 : B-3
Highlight Tone: +2
Shadow Tone: +1
Colour: +3
Sharpness: -4
Noise Reduction: 0

* On X100V and newer X-Trans IV sensors with Color Chrome FX Blue, set this value to OFF (or experiment and let me know the results!)


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