Jersey Park in fisheye and more!

Fun in the park!

Jersey Park is a little gardens and woodland area on the outskirts of Neath in South Wales in a little area called Briton Ferry. You would never know the area exists, but once you park up and enter it, it’s like a whole different World to the land that surrounds it.

For this meet I decided to use the Meike 6.5mm cicuar fisheye lens for the start and the end of the meet, and in the middle section use the Viltrox 85mm F/1.8 which I shot at around F/2.8. Images had logo added in Photoscape X Pro and a couple were cropped, but no editing was done and all images are out of camera shots.

The fisheye photographs

The Meike 6.5mm is a fully manual F/2 circular fisheye lens, which I set to around F/8 and infinity.

The Viltrox 85mm F/1.8 photographs!

The Viltrox got a good run today too! I used it for mainly people shots, but also took these shots of various surroundings!

All images can be viewed full screen by clicking on them, and all EXIF data is contained in them. Please subscribe to my blog for notification via email of when I post something, it would be much appreciated!

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