Singleton Botanical Garden with Viltrox 23mm

Sometimes its great to try out a new lens, and fresh in my hands is the Viltrox 23mm F/1.4 prime lens. I knew the group had Singleton Botanical Gardens coming up, so I thought to myself, what better place to try out this lens. It is THE lens I have always wanted (focal length and aperture speaking) and I was hoping it would not let me down. Luckily enough, I think the images speak for themselves. Although not a macro lens, with a minimum focal distance of around one foot, the detail is so crisp, you can crop away to your hearts content!

All these images are straight from camera and shot in Classic Chrome, while been straightened or cropped in Photoscape X Pro, software I use when I am usually working directly with the jpeg and have no intention to do any work to. As usual, click on the image to see it full screen or to see the EXIF data.

The Botanical Gardens are situated just outside Swansea in Singleton Park, behind and to the side of Singleton Hospital. The Botanical Gardens itself has plenty to keep any fan of flowers busy, with a carefully crafted gardens, a shop selling plants and more. Once you leave the grounds, you can enter Singleton Park, a huge, lush grass and wooded area where you can just enjoy the fresh air and get away from it all. A short distance away is Brynmill Park, which is covered by the final four photographs in the above gallery, and also in the below photos.

As always, when I know I am returning the same was as we ventured, I will change lenses. For this I chose the Viltrox 85mm F/1.8 lens. I took a lot of portraits of the group with this lens, plus a few photographs just covering things I missed on the way.

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Published by Mark G.Adams

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4 thoughts on “Singleton Botanical Garden with Viltrox 23mm

    1. More than happy with it! And I had it at a bargain price, which is always a positive! Thank you very much.


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