The Importance Of Backing Up Your Files

A fascinating look at why you should back up your images, and all data you save. Originally my second post to One Camera One Lens, this needs to be seen again.

One Camera One Lens


Although throughout this article we will talk about backing up photographs, you should back up all important files in the same way because of you have issues with your computer you may will lose everything precious to you.

Backing up doesn’t mean just taking photos off your camera and placing them on your computer. Ideally you want to have a minimum of three backup services to prevent any loss of data. Although hard drives today are pretty resilient, and have lifespans of around 10 years (based on 200GB of data transfer a day), they can go wrong, due to simply just stopping working, through software issues and through viruses wiping your data and corrupting your hard drive.

Usually a hard drive will last the life of the computer, and you will replace it because the specifications of the computer are no longer capable of performing the tasks you need…

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