MGA Fred Herzog Kodachrome V1

Trying to emulate the look of Fred Herzog’s work is difficult, as the images were taken at a different time, when primary colours were prominent and everything from paint, clothing, textures and processing technique just looked different. While Kodachrome simulations are usually based on Fujifilm’s Classic Chrome, I have decided to use Velvia for these simulations, as they just gave the correct reds and blues, with the correct “punch” needed to give images that old-skool look that Fred Herzog was famous for (of course, at the time he took his photos, they were the modern look!)

Rather than do a side-by-side comparison of anything, it’s easier to show examples of images used with this simulation, and point you to a selection of Fred Herzog’s work (which can be found here). Here are some examples taken from my Fujifilm X-T3.

Version 1 has slightly raised shadows for a more modern take on this classic. It focuses on the reds and blues and is perfect for everyday use.

More images based on this simulation can be found here

The Settings you will need are as follows.

Push Pull Process: +1/3
Dynamic Range: DR400
Film Simulation: Velvia/Vivid
Grain Effect: Weak

Color Chrome Effect: Strong
White Balance: Auto
WB Shift: R:0 B:0
Highlight Tone: -1
Shadow Tone: +1
Colour: +3
Sharpness: +3
Noise Reduction: 0

* On X100V and newer X-Trans IV sensors with Color Chrome FX Blue, set this value to OFF (or experiment and let me know the results!)


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