Lockdown Street Photography: Port Talbot with Fred Herzog Kodachrome

Today was the first chance that I had to really go out and test my new Fujifilm X-T3 and my new film recipe I’ve been working on based on Fred Herzog’s Kodachrome images.

I’ve really liked the look of his work, and although it was Kodachrome slide film that he used, he had a certain look with to me is simply intriguing and stunning. Shooting the mundane, shooting the everyday things were all take for granted, the images came alive with the strong colours of the film.

So today I took these images. All colour is straight from camera, the only thing I edited was performing a crop to them and adding a border, so achieved in Snapseed.

These images were taken in strong sunlight. For this year I have not yet included any white balance shifts to the images. The full recipe will be coming to the website soon, and included in this blog when it is completed.

I would love feedback on these. You can view original images by Fred Herzog at This Website Please take into account, the time different, people’s clothes, images on buildings and almost everything was very different back then, which of course gives Frank’s images an altogether different look.

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

4 thoughts on “Lockdown Street Photography: Port Talbot with Fred Herzog Kodachrome

  1. Hello Mark, the shooting conditions are not always optimal around this time of year, the sun is low and with a cloudless sky the shadows are harsh, but sometimes that can also work in your favor. Fred Herzog was unknown to me, so I first looked at your photos, there was something about the photos but I didn’t know exactly what. Afterwards I looked at Fred’s website, and then I knew. Your photos are very contrasty and actually have a typical Kodak color that I remember very well from my 35mm film days, very different from Fujifilm if you know what I mean, but what was so special about it is the subtle sixties look. This can mainly be seen in the red and brown tones, just beautiful.
    I don’t know what it does to nature and landscapes, but for architecture, street photography and also for portrait photography this recipe is great. I think you have a recipe with this that will appeal to a lot of people.

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    1. Thank you Marc. I’m looking forward to getting this one out to everyone, it was one of those recipes where I knew I just wanted to get it right as to me, Herzog’s work is pretty special, so I want to do it justice.


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