MGA Fred Herzog Kodachrome V2

Trying to emulate the look of Fred Herzog’s work is difficult, as the images were taken at a different time, when primary colours were prominent and everything from paint, clothing, textures and processing technique just looked different. While Kodachrome simulations are usually based on Fujifilm’s Classic Chrome, I have decided to use Velvia for these simulations, as they just gave the correct reds and blues, with the correct “punch” needed to give images that old-skool look that Fred Herzog was famous for (of course, at the time he took his photos, they were the modern look!)

Rather than do a side-by-side comparison of anything, it’s easier to show examples of images used with this simulation, and point you to a selection of Fred Herzog’s work (which can be found here). Here are some examples taken from my Fujifilm X-T3.

Version 2 has more authentic deep shadows, which can be used for great affect, with a slightly offset white balance.

More images based on this simulation can be found here

The Settings you will need are as follows.

Push Pull Process: +1/3
Dynamic Range: DR400
Film Simulation: Velvia/Vivid
Grain Effect: Strong

Color Chrome Effect: Strong
White Balance: Auto
WB Shift: R:0 B:2
Highlight Tone: -1
Shadow Tone: +3
Colour: +3
Sharpness: +3
Noise Reduction: 0

* On X100V and newer X-Trans IV sensors with Color Chrome FX Blue, set this value to OFF (or experiment and let me know the results!)


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