Welcome to “One Camera One Lens” – The new home for my photography.

Introduction & Welcome

As time goes by, I want to develop this into a specialised blog site, following my work, creating useful articles and dedicating space to Fujifilm and Open Source Software. A place where people can dip in and out, and know exactly what is new and exactly what they’ve seen before. A place that people can reference and bookmark for future use.

Please be a part of my journey, as I blog on a regular basis about everyday things, exciting things and of course share my passion for taking photographs and sharing them with every one of you.

One Camera One Lens – The way I am now working.

One Camera One Lens – Why the name?

A lot has changed in the many years I’ve been doing photography, and over the last three years since I started the Great Photography Walks NPT group I have really developed and changed my photography. I was obsessed with kit and getting as much as I could, but it was having a negative impact on everything from the way I was feeling, to the way I was working. And so a year ago I sold all my Nikon gear and jumped ship to Fujifilm. A change that would see the purchase of a much more advanced camera, and much smaller body and lenses. My idea from that very moment was to travel light, travel with just one camera and one lens.

Although some people seem to think the idea is ludicrous, it’s actually been very liberating, but sadly, due to the pandemic we have had this year, everything came to a stop. Hopefully everything can restart soon, along with this new website, new domain name, new energy and a new way of capturing the best of the area. Far from hindering my photography, the new approach has given me a new lease of life that will hopefully allow you all to enjoy my work.

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

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