Latest Site Updates (October 2021)

I’ve been tweaking the site to give a better experience to viewers, hopefully in a subtle way that you probably won’t even notice! Below you will see a list of the many changes I have done today to Site logo added – Although I had a logo before, I was adding it some pagesContinue reading “Latest Site Updates (October 2021)”

Where to find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Originally posted on OneCameraOneLens:
As well as keeping up a blog with articles and photographs from my recent photography outings, I also run The Great Photography Walks NPT and have accounts on various forms of social media. My Instagram Feed (latest updates below) usually has updates at least once a day, usually with alternate edits…

ON1 Photo Raw 2022 Review

It’s that time of year when new software packages get released for their yearly update. Today we look at ON1 Photo Raw 2022. As always this is an independent review, and I do have an affiliate link in which you can order the software. ON1 Photo Raw 2022 is an update to the already proficientContinue reading “ON1 Photo Raw 2022 Review”

A New Lens! And Not A Surprise This Time!

So… I promised myself I wouldn’t buy another lens. But the opportunity came up for a bargain on a lens that I’ve been after for a while, and it is indeed similar to a lens I used to shoot with Nikon back in the day that I used to adore and have a lot ofContinue reading “A New Lens! And Not A Surprise This Time!”

Imperfection IS perfection

Photography is becoming sterile. A lot of photographers spend hours editing the life of of images, removing earth’s little blemishes, removing things they don’t like, adding things so the image is more pleasing. But imperfection… That’s perfection. Life is not perfect, this planet is not perfect, the things we photograph are not perfect. So whyContinue reading “Imperfection IS perfection”