Darktable: Filmic RGB, Sigmoid Or Neither?

Darktable is an amazing piece of software, however, the decision to develop a separate module from the Filmic RGB module which they have named Sigmoid has caused some confusion among Darktable users. They are both intended to do the same, or very similar things, but both give quite different results. First of all some informationContinue reading “Darktable: Filmic RGB, Sigmoid Or Neither?”

My Photography Goals For 2023

I’ve been enjoying photography for a long time now, but I want to enjoy it even more in 2023. For this I’ve set myself some targets in what I want to achieve. It’s going to be a change of direction and way of thinking, because I want to change a few things about my photography.Continue reading “My Photography Goals For 2023”

10 Days Of Christmas Festive Special Starts Soon!

It is that time of year again when for a week or so before Christmas, we have something for everyone! This year, from the 15th December 2022 through to 25th December 2022 there will be a daily post from onecameraonelens! Yes! Just like previous years, onecameraonelens will be hosting its seasonal photograph extravaganza! Here isContinue reading “10 Days Of Christmas Festive Special Starts Soon!”

8 Questions Photographers Ask – And the honest answers to them!

I have a new YouTube video out! Its a quick video where I honestly answer a series of 8 questions that are common and that I get asked all the time! Enjoy the video! I apologise about the audio, its not as good as it was supposed to be in parts as my microphone playedContinue reading “8 Questions Photographers Ask – And the honest answers to them!”

10 Questions I’m Often Asked As A Photographer By Other Photographers

As a popular and prominent photographer in South Wales with my work with Great Photography Walks South Wales, and with my work online on various Facebook groups and of course with my work on One Camera One Lens, I very often get asked many questions about my photography. Here I choose ten questions that IContinue reading “10 Questions I’m Often Asked As A Photographer By Other Photographers”