A Day Out At The Gnoll And Some Camera Talk

It was a cold, grey day, and a few hours were spent at the large Gnoll Estate grounds in Neath, South Wales. The season is sort of in-between everything a minute, so trying to get interesting photographs is a challenge. However, combined with me chatting to the camera, today was something a bit different.

As you all know, I have been starting to do videos for a lot of my photography sessions. They have been developing slowly, and I still haven’t completed 10 videos yet, however I wanted to change the videos a little, so starting with this one, I am chatting about a subject while taking you on the trip. This video talks about the importance of using a mobile phone, while future videos will talk about all sorts of photography related issues.

I was armed with the Fujifilm X-T3 with XF18-135mm for video and stills, while I used the Google Pixel 6 for video… and stills for comparison to the X-T3 images. More on that later, here is the video from the day and after that are my favourite images from the day.

As I stated, I was also doing a little conversation and experiment in the video, where we could explore how good mobile phone images are for photography. Let’s be honest, mobile phones can shoot raw, have fantastic computational features that allow them to punch well above their weight and the phone is always on you. During the video you can see these images, in the relevant place where they were taken. Go through them without looking at the EXIF data and see which images are taken with the phone and which are with the camera…

It is all for just a bit of fun, and the results are at the end of the video. I have used my mobile phone many times, and sold images from them. Wedding and events photographers quite often have images or video from mobile phones and no doubt many other genres of photography have images taken with mobile phones.

Next week, we will discuss something different. If you have any ideas or requests, please let me know and I will discuss it while out and about.

I hope you enjoyed everything, your comments are most welcome.

I am a semi-professional photographer who runs a weekly meeting photography group as well as numerous Facebook groups (Great Photography Walks South Wales and Fujifilm Lovers Worldwide Group). I also have a brand-new blog website dedicated to various other things which I like to call The Ramblings Of A Welshman. I hope you can join me there; you might find it interesting! You’ll find my YouTube Channel Here!

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

4 thoughts on “A Day Out At The Gnoll And Some Camera Talk

  1. Nice. I like the blue door framed by the roofs.

    Also, typo: missing the letter “M” in the “all images taken with…”

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  2. Hi Mark,
    Nice video.
    The comparison, you would almost get rid of your big heavy camera and only shoot with your smartphone, only if you enlarge you will see the differences.
    But for ordinary printing and computer screen – unbelievable.

    Liked by 1 person

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