Spotlight: Photography with Poems by Ann Tudball (#03)

Welcome to episode #3 of our spotlight on Ann Tudball’s wonderful work. In this episode Ann shares two great poems for you all to enjoy, while I supply the images for each of these amazing pieces of work.

In episode #3 we have two poems, the first titled “A Childs Garden” and the second titled “The Poppy Field”.

Ann is a South Wales based photographer with a stunning website and also stunning Instagram pages. You’ll find more information about her, her photos and poems in the links at the bottom of this page.

Top header Image by Ann Tudball

Image By Mark Adams

“A Childs Garden”

She played in the garden from dawn to dusk. 
Talking to everyone but finding no one
Faces in the window watched with glee. 
For this she never ever not see. 
Flowers hang high on stakes to the sky. 
Like colours of the rainbow after the cloud’s cry. 
She smelt the earth beneath her feet, tangled berries kept. 
High away from tiny hands reach. 
Garden shed became her home, ragged carpets, broken dolls. 
Worn books to read aloud, with pictures and tales from days of old. 
From the window lies the heather, purple haze against the hill. 
She follows her steps to the garden’s edge. 
To will want life that lies ahead…. 

By Ann Tudball

Image by Mark Adams

“The Poppy Field”

Beneath my house lies a poppy field
Slashes of red as far the eye can see
Like glazing rubies in the sun. 
Is where I leave summer mornings and run. 

I lie buried in my bed. 
With buzzing bees around my head.
I gaze at the cloudless sky
For a sight money could never buy. 

Gently summer breeze lifts little red shots. 
Up they go further and further away
Like splashes of colour the artist dismay. 
Telling my mind it was meant that way!

By Ann Tudball

I hope that you enjoyed something a little bit different with this blog entry. Photography and poetry are two things that I also love to do, and it would be great if you could leave feedback on this. I’m always looking for featured Spotlight photographers, so please contact me if you would like to appear here.

You can view Ann’s website and blog here.
Follow her on Instagram herehere and here!

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