We asked photographers which way they shoot, in jpeg, raw or both… Here is what they said.

A couple of weeks ago we run a poll on three very different photography Facebook groups asking them if they took photos in jpeg, raw or both jpeg and raw. The results and feedback were very interesting, and here we can analyse what photographers use. Our poll results are taken after 3 days of theContinue reading “We asked photographers which way they shoot, in jpeg, raw or both… Here is what they said.”

New One Camera One Lens YouTube Channel – Very First Video!

It’s been a long time coming, but I thought it was now the time to start creating a video blog for YouTube. This is the first in the series, which will be weekly/fortnightly depending on the time I get to photograph out and about. Please leave feedback for this, it’s my very first one, andContinue reading “New One Camera One Lens YouTube Channel – Very First Video!”

First Group Photography Shoot 2022 – Jersey Marine

It was great to be back with the group, and our first visit was to the Tennant Canal at Jersey Marine, Neath. 15 of us started and we were hit by bad footing throughout, but we soldiered on, and managed to get a few photographs and see some sights we had not seen before. ThisContinue reading “First Group Photography Shoot 2022 – Jersey Marine”

One Year Of Shooting Film – By David Ellinsworth

One year ago my sister gifted me her Minolta SRT101b, a fully manual 35mm film SLR (single lens reflex) camera from theĀ 1970s, which our parents had bought for her when she started art college 30 years ago. Up until then I had never considered shooting film. I just perceived it as cumbersome in comparison toContinue reading “One Year Of Shooting Film – By David Ellinsworth”

And another year begins! Photography is back!

It’s been a strange month, what with Christmas and the New Year, plus a break in my group walks. I haven’t picked up my Fujifilm X-T3 in a long while, not since the last meet of 2021. However, I have still been taking photographs, with my Instax cameras and with my new Google Pixel 6Continue reading “And another year begins! Photography is back!”