Awesome Sunset (In Cezar Street and Double X)

We just knew it was going to be a fantastic sunset tonight in Aberavon. The weather had be brilliant all day, and as it got closer to the evening, there was only one thing to do… Go out with the camera! I thought I would use this opportunity to take some photographs with two new film simulation recipes I have designed.

The colour photographs are in my new Cezar Street recipe, named after a photographer friend of mine, and a recipe with warm colours, dark shadows and controlled highlights. Ideally it should be used in street photography, but sadly, lockdown and all that… The monochrome photographs are based on Kodak Double-X film, a high contrast, noisy film which gives some great results when underexposed slightly, and some interesting results if over-exposed.

I used my Fujifilm X-T3 along with my 15-45mm lens, and images were resized in Photoscape X Pro. No editing was done at all to these images, and are as they look straight from the camera, using the already mentioned colour profile recipes.

The colour images…

Whatever the colour profile used on these images, I hope that you find them enjoyable to view. I also hope that you don’t get bored of beach images! It’s only until we are out of lockdown, and we can travel elsewhere to do our photography.

You will find the recipes for these images at the X-Trans IV sensor page for Fujifilm cameras.

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Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

8 thoughts on “Awesome Sunset (In Cezar Street and Double X)

    1. These don’t have any clarity settings applied as there is no setting for that on the X-T3, please feel free to experiment with clarity if you like and see if you like the results.


  1. Hi, in your recipe the color number is missing. I just see a negative. Also I have an X100V, what is CW and MG?

    Push/Pull Process: 0 or +/- 2/3, Dynamic Range DR200, Film Simulation Acros+Y, Grain Effect Strong, Color Chrome Effect: Weak, WB Auto, WB Shift R0 B0, Highlight Tone -2, Shadow Tone +1, Color –, Sharpness +4, Noise Reduction -04 , B&W Adjust +1
    *** For X100V and sensors without the “B&W Adjust”, please set the CW to +1 and MG to 0

    Thank you,

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