Hensol Woods, The People & More. In “American Color” DT Styles.

Today we made a visit to a woodland in the South East of Wales, known as Hensol Woods near Cowbridge. Generally I’m out of love with landscape type photography, so today was a challenge for me. Of course, I love being out, and mingling with other people, so that part was easy! I decided toContinue reading “Hensol Woods, The People & More. In “American Color” DT Styles.”

A Visit To The Ruins Of The 14th Century Capel Mair.

Today we visited Capel Mair, in Margam, Port Talbot, Wales. Capel Mair is a small chapel dedicated to St Mary that was built by the monks of Margam Abbey around 1300. It is located on a hill overlooking the M4 motorway near Port Talbot . It is a Grade II Listed building and a familiar landmark forContinue reading “A Visit To The Ruins Of The 14th Century Capel Mair.”

Langland Bay To Caswell Bay And Back. Beautiful Coastline Of Wales.

Wales has some spectacular scenery, as you’ve probably seen over the years on this website. We are lucky enough to live around half and hour from this spectacular walk along the coastline, from Langland Bay along the coastal pathway to Caswell Bay. There was a lovely café at Caswell, a perfect place to stop, beforeContinue reading “Langland Bay To Caswell Bay And Back. Beautiful Coastline Of Wales.”

Waterfall country. Pontneddfechan

It was a glorious winters day, with it feeling more like Spring than it should. The water levels were not so high that we couldn’t get to where we wanted to go, and they gave us the opportunity to take some great photographs. Pontneddfechan is near Glynneath in South Wales, and is home to manyContinue reading “Waterfall country. Pontneddfechan”

Port Talbot Art Walk 2023

Port Talbot is a town known for many things, and not always good! However, it is a town of art, and great architecture. Where-as many today captured the art, I wanted to capture the art in the context of the town, and so you won’t find any head-on images, but images which show a differentContinue reading “Port Talbot Art Walk 2023”