Street Photography In Porthcawl

Street photography is something myself and others really want to experiment with a lot more than we do. It’s a fascinating form of photography, capturing everyday people doing everyday things and trying to make it interesting. It’s something I’ve done a few times over the years, but today was exceptional fun as the weather was great, and the company was even better.

For today I went super light. Just myself, the Fujifilm X-T3 and my Viltrox 23mm F/1.4 lens. I only added a square crop frame using Photoscape X Pro to the images, and no colours or exposure were edited.

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Hopefully I’ve captured the heart and soul of Porthcawl, a little seaside town near Bridgend in South Wales. I really enjoyed, and indeed enjoy using a prime lens, especially the 23mm Viltrox. It sets you free, you know what you are working with, and you can get the exact composition you need without worrying about zooming wider or longer, you just use your legs!

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Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

7 thoughts on “Street Photography In Porthcawl

  1. Just curious… do you set the camera to display a square image, allowing you to visualize the composition, or do you shoot the usual 1.5:1 aspect ratio and then decide what to crop later?

    I’ve been playing with square images on my Fujis to shake things up. It is hard to forget decades of rectangular photography so the ability to display square images helps.

    Nice shots.

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    1. I actually shoot with the usual aspect ratio and then crop to square, especially when using a prime lens like I did today. I have really been enjoying visualising square images lately, I just find them more “vintage” I guess. Thank you for your feedback, I might actually try square in camera with a zoom lens connected.


      1. I use a 16mm when I shoot square. This gives about the same as the 23mm (35mm equivalent) on the short side… which when shooting square is all the sides.

        Another advantage of mirrorless over DSLRs.

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  2. Hello Mark, Great pictures. The square and polaroid frame does indeed bring back the good old days – very vintage! – good question from Albert, was just thinking the same thing. I wonder what the equivalent of a “real” Polaroid camera lens was compared to our APS-C camera – just googled it but didn’t get a direct result. Anyway, shooting square in camera will give you that retro feel even more, I think.
    A good concept and something to think about.
    Enjoy the good weather !

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    1. Thanks Marc, yes, it’s definitely on my list and I think I will try shooting square from now on. I have a bit of a thing for this look at the moment!


  3. Hi Mark, ve just tried the MGA colour chrome. I used a zoom lens the colours were tooooo blue. I will try a prime lens next. Not getting the colours like yours. I will keep trying. Thanks

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    1. Did you use the X-Trans III or IV version? If it’s the latter, make sure Colour Chrome FX Blue is off. It’s based on Classic Chrome so shouldn’t be too blue 🤔


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