15 Photographers sites you should visit

Like many of you, I love to discover new and upcoming photographers, along with more established photographers. I enjoy seeing the different styles, the different outlooks and the different techniques that each brings, plus of course I love just looking at their websites for ideas and inspiration for myself.

What we have here is a selection of websites that you really should visit. Each one unique, each one created by an individual who really is an individual in everything they do. There is something for everyone here. Enjoy.

1. Onecameraonelens.com by Mark Adams. Ok, a little bit cheeky to include this website, but there’s far more to it than just blogs and Fujifilm recipes. Delve deep and discover a world of fabulous photographs.

2. marcrphoto.wordpress.com by Marc Roovers. Marc hosts an incredible website in which he blogs about his photography, colour grading and so much more. A very interesting site that will be of value to many.

3. clarophotography.co.uk by Ann Tuball. Ann is a talented photographer with a great perspective on things. She’s also great with words and writes some amazing poems and short stories.

4. adrianpackingtonphotography.com by Adrian Packington. Adrian is a new and upcoming photographer who already has some great images in his portfolio.

5. dap-photography.co.uk by Adele Pritchard. A fantastic new website with a great selection of work. Adele creates some fantastic images that you should really see.

6. ellinsworthphotography.webstarts.com by David Ellinsworth. David has a website filled with not just digital images, but 35mm film images too. There are some great landscape images, among many other photographers to view.

7. dennisrussuk.com by Dennis Russ. Dennis had created a photography style all of his own, with his unique perspective on the world. He also has a great blog where he… Moans a lot!

8. www.kchakphotography.com by Kunal Chakravertti. Although Kunal is the master of birds in flight photography, his website has many great images of other subjects.

9. Pixtures.co.uk by David Collerton. Pixtures is a site hosted by David that not only looks at his images, but catalogues and curates images from others.

10. dariopiovera-photography.jimdofree.com by Dario Piovera. I have a certain love for this website and Dario’s work. There really is nothing quite like it, with his latest work “Earth’s Vibrations” being some of the most inspirational photography I’ve seen. Check it out!

11. sebastianboatca.com by Sebastian Boatca. There’s no denying Sebastian is one of the finest photographers I know, and this website is 100% pure perfection.

12. parkermichael.picfair.com by Michael Parker. Michael’s website shows off some great images, his love of landscapes is evident when you go through his images.

13. che-seibert.de/ by Che Seibert. Che is a great photographer from Germany, and although it currently has older material, Che will be updating the website very soon!

14. stephendavies.me.uk by Stephen Davies. Stephen is a wedding photographer, who is multi-talented and does many other kinds of photography. His portfolio is outstanding, and definitely needs to be checked out!

15. buckleypix.com by Emma Buckley. Emma likes to capture life with her website, and she really does, with some great images from around South Wales.

Please visit each one, they are all worth while visiting and all deserve praise.

I have a saying, that every photographer or person who takes photographs is more than capable of producing a body of work that can be appreciated by others for eternity. Photography is never about the technical aspect, it’s about creating an image that clicks with others, whether it was taken on film, a phone or the latest camera. An image must just “feel” right, and we can all capture those moments, either intentionally, or quite often accidently.

For those of us who have taken photographs long enough, we all understand that what we think is amazing now, is quite often our second favourite image compared to the outtakes or unused photographs of the time and place we originally took the photo. So with that in mind, bookmark these wonderful photographers, and keep in touch with the journey that they are all going through.

Please share this article, and spread the word of these amazing artists.

Thank you for visiting OneCameraOneLens

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

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