Why You Should Always Shoot Raw, Even If You Only Use Jpegs

I’m a strong advocate of getting things right in camera, and I nearly always use the jpeg image from the camera when posting to social media and using images on the website or printing. However, I also always shoot in raw as a backup to those wonderful Fujifilm raw files. This article is a greatContinue reading “Why You Should Always Shoot Raw, Even If You Only Use Jpegs”

Landscape Photography: How To Photograph Waterfalls (Part 2)

Introduction Waterfalls are a magnet for landscape photographers, and even those who wouldn’t typically designate themselves as landscape photographers love a waterfall. They are undeniably photogenic and very difficult to resist, and are usually always at their prettiest at this time of year, in autumn, when the colour palette explodes. Getting the most from aContinue reading “Landscape Photography: How To Photograph Waterfalls (Part 2)”

PhotoWorks Review

I’m always on the lookout for new, powerful editing software for editing photos. Not just for myself, but also to share with the photography communities I run who have a diverse range of people at all levels of their photography and processing journey. I came across PhotoWorks on the internet, and knew it would beContinue reading “PhotoWorks Review”

Photography Lies You Need To Stop Believing

In this time where most people listen and view numerous YouTube “Photographers” (I use the term lightly, as many of them claim to be, but are really not!) there is a lot of misinformation floating around about the basics of photography. I’ve gathered together a selection of the most common! Of course, many people whoContinue reading “Photography Lies You Need To Stop Believing”

A photographers most useful editing tool

I’ve taken tens of thousands of images over the years, but switching to digital unleashed an editing tool that really transformed the way that I looked at photography and composed my images. It’s a tool that’s so simple, yet so powerful. A tool that some are afraid to use, and some have welcomed with openContinue reading “A photographers most useful editing tool”