George’s Fourth Birthday!

It’s so nice to just take photos of the family. In fact, I think I could happily only ever take photos of my family and friends. It brings so much joy just capturing the moment. It’s times like these that you will never forget, and having the images just makes things that much better.

All images are the jpegs from the X-T3 camera with Viltrox 23mm F/1.4 lens, photographed in MGA Colour Chrome+ with exposure adjustments in Photoscape X Pro where needed. They are cropped to 5:4 as these days, I just like that crop. I was emailed a question with regards to which metering mode I use on my camera, so as a general rule of thumb, I use aperture priority and use the EV dial to correct exposure if the camera gets it wrong (hardly ever) or I want to adjust for other reasons. I use just standard matrix metering, as I find this works perfectly in every situation I throw at it.

George had a wonderful, long day, as we al did. It’s great to celebrate such things with family and friends. I can’t believe that he is now four years old! Time really flies! It was great that I could actually let my hair down too, after the couple of months I’ve had (but that’s another story and not for this post).

In other news, I’ve sold a lot of my Fujifilm camera stuff, and I’ll soon been receiving a new camera and lenses, and it’s something very different for me. But all will be revealed when my parcel turns up! I am a believer that if things don’t get used, they are pointless keeping, and the things I traded in were seldom used for one reason or another!

Until next time!

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

3 thoughts on “George’s Fourth Birthday!

  1. Very nice. The one thing that digital has done is to make a series like this easy to do with great spontaneity.

    In the film days, I knew people with multiple kids that had all their birthdays and Christmas all on one 24 exposure roll, waiting out the last kid’s birthday so that they could get the roll developed.

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