An Experiment With AI Art

I like to try new things, and so I have been hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence and imagery. I decided to have a dabble with this technology, and over the last three days, I have been tweaking and generating images.

Of course, unlike with a camera, these images are generated using words. You have to describe what you want, and use keywords if you want to become a bit more advanced. I have so far tried three different AI engines, with various amounts of success.

This first set is using Bing Image Creator. This is the simplest AI Creator to use. It is free to use, and is a part of Microsoft’s Bing search engine experience.

The second set of images is from a more advanced AI image generator, where you can use phrases, descriptions and keywords. Lexica is a great AI image generator, and so far it is my favourite! My first attempts are at the beginning of this batch, and as I got used to it, I think they got better!

My final batch is from InstantArt, sadly, it is not very reliable as I think it is really busy with users, so I have only managed to get a few images made with it. I will keep trying though, as it looks amazing! This one is the most advanced AI generator, and can use the MidJourney engine and many others!

And there we have it! Something a little bit different from my normal photography and posts. Hopefully you would have enjoyed! I certainly am looking forward to a world of AI. Its skill is in creating with words, keywords, description and much more. Its possibilities are endless!

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

7 thoughts on “An Experiment With AI Art

  1. It’s interesting how AI works in generating these images. I like it when it tries to generate something that looks close to anime or CGI, but it looks weird if someone is looking for photo-realistic images. I am sure it will get better and that’s the scary part. But for now, I will be using it when I play role-playing solo adventures!

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