An Experiment With AI Art

I like to try new things, and so I have been hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence and imagery. I decided to have a dabble with this technology, and over the last three days, I have been tweaking and generating images. Of course, unlike with a camera, these images are generated using words. You haveContinue reading “An Experiment With AI Art”

Hensol Woods, The People & More. In “American Color” DT Styles.

Today we made a visit to a woodland in the South East of Wales, known as Hensol Woods near Cowbridge. Generally I’m out of love with landscape type photography, so today was a challenge for me. Of course, I love being out, and mingling with other people, so that part was easy! I decided toContinue reading “Hensol Woods, The People & More. In “American Color” DT Styles.”

Fujifilm raw files and why they can look underexposed in Darktable

Many users of Darktable are Fujifilm camera users, and thankfully Fujifilm raw files work nicely with Darktable. However, I had some comments from Darktable users where they say that Fujifilm files can be underexposed by seemingly a lot once you open them in the darkroom. Here is your answer to why this is! I’ll giveContinue reading “Fujifilm raw files and why they can look underexposed in Darktable”

My New Techniques For Editing Images (Examples)

For the last couple of years, I’ve been obsessed with getting things right in camera and using straight out of camera (sooc) images wherever possible. Its 2023 and I’ve decided to start editing much more. Funny thing is, for the last few months I’ve been editing a raw files a lot more anyway, but IContinue reading “My New Techniques For Editing Images (Examples)”

The First Sunset Shoot Of 2023

I went out for a stroll with my eldest, and never intended to go out for a sunset shoot tonight, but me and Samuel enjoyed ourselves, and bumped into a friend so, armed with my Olympus E-PL8 I took a few photos. My Olympus is not my camera of choice for sunsets, but it isContinue reading “The First Sunset Shoot Of 2023”