Spotlight: Photography with Poems by Ann Tudball (#05)

Welcome to episode #5 of our spotlight on Ann Tudball’s wonderful work. In this episode Ann shares two great poems for you all to enjoy, while I supply the images for each of these amazing pieces of work.

In episode #5 we have three poems, the first titled “Spring Walks”, “Blossom In The Spring Breeze” and “We Walked Barefoot In The Field”.

Ann is a South Wales based photographer with a stunning website and also stunning Instagram pages. You’ll find more information about her, her photos and poems in the links at the bottom of this page.

Top header Image by Ann Tudball

Image by Mark G Adams

Spring Walks

Winter has gone, chilly days be no more.
Bare trees await the early pink blossom.
Spring has arrived.
There’s warmth in the sun and soft haze in the morning air.
The yellow daffodil stands tall and proud.
Little smiles on every passing face while birds sing their cheery song.
Happiness has found every lost soul in the those lonely days far far gone…

Image By Ann Tudball

Blossom In The Spring Breeze

Blossom in the Spring breeze Lifting soft petals to the sky Look up my love and smile….

Image By Mark Adams

We Walked Barefoot In The Field

We walked barefoot in the field. Being lovers it would seem. Seeking hopes, discussing dreams While being barefoot in the field.

Blue skies brought the morning sun Is where we lay to begin our fun. Little treasures lay before my eyes. With all the colours God’s world could find.

He painted with tender care. Holding his brush with such flare. Did he speak, did he smile, would he dare, but only to gaze at his secret he’ll never share.

He led me to the deepest woods. Hiding away for no other man to see. Clinging tight to sun drench trees. Waiting the time to set our souls free.

He seeks and walks the path of forgotten time. Sadly leaving his lost lover behind. Knowing he’ll wander and not be lost.

For holding to hopes for one day he’s certain to find..

I hope that you enjoyed something a little bit different with this blog entry. Photography and poetry are two things that I also love to do, and it would be great if you could leave feedback on this. I’m always looking for featured Spotlight photographers, so please contact me if you would like to appear here.

You can view Ann’s website and blog here.
Follow her on Instagram herehere and here!

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