A New Lens Surprise (And I Mean A Surprise!)

I know I said I wasn’t after a new lens, but I have had this yearning for another fisheye lens. So I ordered one. Things didn’t go as planned, and so I didn’t get one. But I did get something else totally opposite, and it’s something I enjoy using!

So, I ordered a TTArtisan 7.5mm F/2 fisheye lens. It came the next day, sealed and as new, however, when I opened the box, it wasn’t the fisheye, but a brand new TTArtisan 40mm macro in the wrong box! To say I was devastated is an understatement, but I also love my macro, and a macro lens was always on the cards as a distant purchase.

I worked out a deal with the seller (a famous YouTuber as it happens) and I am now the owner of this TTArtisan 40mm F/2.8 Macro lens. I’ve only done a few test shots at various focusing (it also acts as a 40mm prime), but I’m pleasantly surprised.

There are three things that made me keep this lens. Firstly, I love macro, and I would have bought one sooner or later, secondly, I had it really cheap because of the mishap and thirdly, I’ve been thinking of buying a manual lens to play around with, and was going to get an adaptor for my old Canon 50mm lens, and now I don’t have to!

I’m happy with the images, the flowers with the added F-Stops are smaller than your thumbnails. All images in MGA Colour Chrome+ recipe.#

What a day I didn’t expect!

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

10 thoughts on “A New Lens Surprise (And I Mean A Surprise!)

  1. Nice things come to those who don’t expect it. Great bargain and like yourself, I have just purchased (but I meant to) a pergear 60mm f2.8 2:1 macro lens as this is something I want to delve deeper into.

    Great first few images Mark and I’m sure loads more to come.

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  2. I’ve been doing photography for over 50 years, and back when there were 10 photography magazines on news stand shelves, the one constant involved fish eye lenses. That lens always made the list for the least useful, most regretted purchase by the readers of those magazines. The novelty wears off quickly and lack of usefulness for general photography relegates it to the gear that never leaves the house.

    OTOH, the 40mm, giving a slightly long 60mm equivalent, fits nicely into a kit with a wide angle. Add to that the macro capabilities and I think you won in the error of the “wrong” lens.

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    1. I love fisheye photography, been using a rectilinear one for the last 6 or more years frequently. I swapped to the circular one, and I just didn’t get on with it so sold it. Really missing the rectilinear, so some time in the future I will get another one. Only ever regretted selling mine for my Nikon, and not getting one straight away for the Fuji.


  3. Hey Mark, Looks good, and actually two lenses in one, and quite light sensitive too – f2.8 – great !
    The first results are great to – a bit of a soft/creamy look – shot wide open ? looks realy great !
    And are you still going for the fish eye?

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