Resolven Canal With A TTArtisan 40mm Macro Lens

I wanted to do a couple of things on this Tuesday’s meet at Resolven Canal in Neath, South Wales. First I wanted to really use my new TTArtisan 40mm macro lens for both close-up photography and as a 40mm prime, secondly, as this is a manual focus lens, go fully manual with everything from focusing to camera settings and thirdly use the MGA Provia Punch recipe for this kind of environment.

Resolven Canal is a great renovated canal, with a beautiful walkway and reclaimed canal. So what better way to test myself with putting the obstacle of only using this manual focus lens! Seriously though, it was fun! Over the meeting at the canal and the day before I took 136 images with this lens, and was pleasantly surprised! A review of the lens is after the images.

All images in this section are straight from camera, only resized to 1200×800 and only cropped if it is focussing on a distant object. All are in MGA Provia Punch, and taken on the Fujifilm X-T3.

The following images have been converted to resemble vintage film, other than that, as when I was looking at them, I just thought they looked like they could have been taken in another era!

And so that was the day! It was a great day out, and after this great day I went to film a sunset (which will be the next blog). Here are my thoughts on the TTAritisan lens.

The TTArtisan 40mm Macro F/2.8 lens

The TTArtisan 40mm F/2.8 Macro lens is a solid lens with a great feel to it. It looks very strange compared to most other modern day lenses, but with it’s clicking aperture ring, smooth focus barrel and great ergonomics, it actually feels great to use.

It has true 1:1 macro capabilities and I tested it’s macro abilities in an earlier article. After the use here in these circumstances, I am more than happy with it’s output. As you can see from the images, it is plenty sharp enough, and considering it is only around £150 brand new, it is exceptional value for money! I love the way it renders images, they have a very analogue feel, whilst retaining sharpness and nice contrast.

It’s not a lens I will use everyday, although I did really enjoy using it, however, it’s a great piece of kit which will be handy in my camera bag for macro and days when I just want that full analogue experience. Overall, highly recommended, even if just for the super sharp macro images.

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

2 thoughts on “Resolven Canal With A TTArtisan 40mm Macro Lens

  1. Very good images Mark..The first lot (just my opinion for what it’s worth) need a little punch. I know they be Unedited, (lots like it that way) The second lot I like very much. The old building you took from the road, I was Lucky to get permission to go in there with Mike Clatworthy and Tony Platt quite a while ago. Keep Up the Good work.

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