ON1 Photo Raw 2022 Review

It’s that time of year when new software packages get released for their yearly update. Today we look at ON1 Photo Raw 2022. As always this is an independent review, and I do have an affiliate link in which you can order the software.

ON1 Photo Raw 2022 is an update to the already proficient ON1 Photo Raw 2021. It has extra features compared to the last update, plus substantial performance improvements.

What is ON1 Photo Raw 2022?

It is an all in one professional quality photo editing package. If it was compared to Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop, you could think of it as a Lightroom replacement, with many extra features that you would normally do in Photoshop also very accessible.

Anyone familiar with modern editing software should be very at home with its interface as it’s very intuitive and follows a similar layout to many other top packages.

What’s new in Photo Raw 2022

The key features of the latest version, as listed by ON1 are as follows:

– New Sky Swap AI
– New Time-Lapse Creation
– Integration of ON1 NoNoise AI
– New Photoshop Plugin Host
– Newly Retooled Export
– New Line Mask Tool
– New Backup and Restore
– New Favorites in Browse
– Customizable Thumbnails
– Gesture Support
– Apple Silicon Native

For many people, the biggest addition that they have wanted for a long time is the sky replacement “Sky Swap AI” feature. I have had time to play with this, and it works very well. You also have the ability to fine tune the sky, add foreground lighting to match the sky and add water reflections, mimicking the sky above.

Time-lapse creation is also a great feature added to add to ON1. Although I’ve not had chance to try out this feature, I am sure it’ll be useful to many people.

ON1 NoNoise AI is a welcome addition to the package, and brings fantastic tech-leading noise removal software to an already great lineup of features. This was previously available as a plug-in, so it’s nice to see it available here

The biggest difference I found was the performance of the the software. Generally it works very fast and smoothly, although there is a little wait (longer than LuminarAI) when using the Sky Swap AI feature.

Is it worth the upgrade?

Every year brings new features, performance enhancements and much more to ON1 Photo Raw and this year is no exception. For those who don’t also own LuminarAI or Photoshop, this update could well be worth the rather reasonable expense.

You’re getting a great raw editor, with great features building on already top class software. Of course, if you’re happy with what your current version already offers, then this software will not be for you


I know the ON1 team have had issues with software in the past, just like every other software company, however, since ON1 Photo Raw 2021.5 this software has become stable and very usable.

It’s great pricing, feature list, ease of use and the results of can give make it an all around great package for beginners and professional users alike.

At least give it a try with the free trial, it’s worth that alone.

Please visit this link to visit the ON1 site and download the trial or buy the package.

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