ON1 Photo Raw 2022 Review

It’s that time of year when new software packages get released for their yearly update. Today we look at ON1 Photo Raw 2022. As always this is an independent review, and I do have an affiliate link in which you can order the software. ON1 Photo Raw 2022 is an update to the already proficientContinue reading “ON1 Photo Raw 2022 Review”

Family Day Out At Manor Wildlife Park And Fujifilm 18-135mm Review

What better way to spend a day during the school holidays with the family, while giving a final, definitive review of the Fujifilm 18-135mm WR lens. It was a great day and a good test for this lens. In fact, I would say that this lens is made perfectly for situations such as these. ManorContinue reading “Family Day Out At Manor Wildlife Park And Fujifilm 18-135mm Review”

LuminarAI Version 2 is here! A look at the most advanced AI powered photo editor!

LuminarAI Version 2 is now here! Use code GPWNPT at the checkout if your upgrading or buying new! Download LuminarAI Version 2 Luminar AI Version 2 is now available to purchase, and gives you the creative power to edit your photos like never before. LuminarAI’s clever creators have built a package that can be asContinue reading “LuminarAI Version 2 is here! A look at the most advanced AI powered photo editor!”

Why Darktable is perfect for Fujifilm users.

There’s an editing package that stands head and shoulders amongst the paid for and subscription editing package services out there, and it’s called Darktable. Many people would have heard of it, but presume because it is free, it is no good or not suitable. However, things couldn’t be further from the truth, as Darktable isn’tContinue reading “Why Darktable is perfect for Fujifilm users.”