Night Visit To Mumbles

It’s not often I get out in the evenings and nights, and I love the chance to challenge my camera and shooting techniques in these darker environments. A couple of days ago we visited The Mumbles in Swansea for a Christmas Market. I was more than happy with the results as you can see here.

I wanted to travel light, so I took my Fujifilm X-T3 with the Viltrox 23mm F/1.4. I specifically chose that lens for its low light capabilities, and of course, because it’s my very favourite lens to take around the streets!

When we arrived, the sun was just going down, and it allowed for spectacular light over Mumbles Lighthouse, as shown in the first photograph. The market was a bit of a let-down, as a lot of the stalls had closed for an unknown reason, but we had great fun looking around, and then int the amusement arcade. We stopped in the cafe, and took the portrait images and then headed on back home.

All images are handheld, and the final three images were taken while in the car, with the window rolled down. I had already worked out the compositions having passed these numerous times, so I set the camera up ready and fired off a few shots. We were travelling about 30 miles an hour, and I am more than happy with the results!

All images were taken in MGA Colour Chrome+, and the results of those can be found on my Facebook page and various Facebook groups. I have made a slight alteration for these images, adding an LUT over the top to give this look in Photoscape X Pro (I believe it was called “alternative 03”.

All EXIF can be found in the images, and they can all be viewed full screen. I am very impressed the way the X-T3 and Viltrox handle extreme dark. No noise reduction was added to these images in post editing.

Hopefully you enjoy this little look into a family visit! Sometimes, it’s nice to just take photos of the ones you love.

Thank you for viewing, and don’t forget… On December 14th, right through until December 25th, there will be something happening on here every day! Plus, on Christmas Day there will be an additional two new Fujifilm recipes released!

I am a semi-professional photographer who runs a weekly meeting photography group as well as numerous Facebook groups (Great Photography Walks South Wales and Fujifilm Lovers Worldwide Group). I also have a brand-new blog website dedicated to various other things which I like to call The Ramblings Of A Welshman. I hope you can join me there; you might find it interesting!

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

8 thoughts on “Night Visit To Mumbles

  1. Hello Mark, the pictures really bring out the Christmas spirit – great !
    The lighthouse, well, I couldn’t resist, it shine’s on my computers desktop now – I hope you don’t mind.
    I think it’s such a great photo, nice composition, very nice colors, super !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Marc. It was a great evening. I really need to do more night photography! Believe it or not, that was the only photo I took of the lighthouse, I just walked up to the wall and took the one photo. Usually I take many of it, but I just looked the light straight away in that one shot.

      Liked by 1 person

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