The Future Of One Camera One Lens And My Photography

It’s been a fantastic few years of transitioning from my original M G Adams Photography to One Camera One Lens, and the new direction in both name and philosophy has led me on to better and better things. Everything changed, from mindset, to equipment and to the style of photography I do. But things are potentially changing this year so here is the plan. Where things go from here, I have no idea. But read on, and comments are welcome.

I love my photography, and I have done since I remember. Whether it was taking photos with a 35mm film camera, a 35mm disposable camera, digital camera or DSLR/Mirrorless camera. It doesn’t matter. I just love taking photos and always have. I’ve dabbled in making money with photography over the years, and it’s gone well, and I’ve done a lot for fun. I run a successful photography group that meet in person, and built that up from nothing and I have mostly enjoyed being a part of it in the 5 years it’s been running.

You would have all noticed a shift lately to video content. Yes, I’m trying my hand at being a YouTube photography blogger. I want it to be a bit different to other channels, and with each new video I am finding my feet. Long term, I want to combine this with my photography work.

I’m also much more interested in capturing “moments”, I’m not interested in hugely manipulating images and turning them into “art”, I just want to capture beautiful, natural images and print them out. Hence my new Fujifilm Instax Evo camera. This is going to be my main camera for general use in the future, with my X-T3 used for filming and for shoots where a 28mm, 5mp camera just won’t do!

I’ve grown pretty much bored of the whole film simulations thing, and I won’t be concentrating on that anymore. I still have a couple that I need to get out there and share, and I will still dabble with them, but I am starting to see them all look the same lately. So, when I do release them, they will be because they are very different. Truth is, I use my Colour Chrome+ recipe 99% of the time, and it’s perfect for all occasions.

I run three large Facebook groups, which I enjoy and will keep being involved in. I have an Instagram account which I am using more and more and of course I share images on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Now the big one. From the end of August, I will be looking for employment as my two boys will both be in full time school. Although I can make money in photography, I just don’t have the patience to pursue it full time, so I’ll be having a regular job (if I can find one!). That will mean at that point, something will have to give. Of course, being a normal person means I have more than my photography in my life. I enjoy spending time with the family, watching movies and playing video games, which all share time with photography. In the crowded space that will be my life from August, I will be doing a lot less on the photography side to ensure I don’t miss out on the other things.

At this point I have to ask myself. Do I continue to pay for my website domain? I often link to a payment option on my blogs to fund me (“Buy me a coffee”), but, it seems no one cares enough for this. So, this could be the last year of the domain. Of course, the WordPress equivalent domain will remain. There’s a lot to think about. And I’m quite sad that things might change, knowing how well my photography is being received throughout the World.

In the meantime, I will keep things going as per-usual. A photo-based article and YouTube vlog during the week (when I get out) and a general article on weekends. I have a lot written and to share, so there’s plenty to come yet.

Thanks all for reading.

I am a semi-professional photographer who runs a weekly meeting photography group as well as numerous Facebook groups (Great Photography Walks South Wales and Fujifilm Lovers Worldwide Group). I also have a brand-new blog website dedicated to various other things which I like to call The Ramblings Of A Welshman. I hope you can join me there; you might find it interesting! You’ll find my YouTube Channel Here!

Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

15 thoughts on “The Future Of One Camera One Lens And My Photography

  1. A big change for you indeed. Try and ditch the things that steal time and don’t bring you joy. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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  2. No idea what the profession holds for photographers today as I retired in 2000 after being involved in the wedding business for 33 years as a pro doing everything from movies, to slides to album candids and portraits as a free lance photographer to finally operating as a business of my own before retiring at age 56 2/3. First digital camera was in 2001 — Nikon 995 which I still own. Travelled a lot up until 2014 and now both my wife and I are at at age where that is out of bounds. So I edit — mostly now with PSX Pro but also have used a variety of other software over the years. Wedding styles have changed and unfortunately so have the desire to concentrate on posing lighting an composition. It did over the years of my working as a professional. If you have a means to see what others are doing and photography is your passion and you can find avenues by which you can get your name and work before the public (I used the Wedding Show venue concept) and the current remuneration is viable for your needs you could try to begin working freelance as a second photographer and moving forward and maybe develop a career if that area is of interest. I also taught wedding photography for about 10 years at a community college but because I have not kept up with the trends since retirement, and I live in a different country you would need to ascertain the needs of your area or create your own style and develop a following. At least the costs of equipment are not too onerous as you have equipment. Just make sure to have duplicate bodies and alternative lenses. Personally, I like 16-80 and 18-135 and if necessary a longer focal length zoom but that is an option. With the style of today, things happen fast so just be prepared and have an idea as to what might happen and be prepared to either capture or able to re-create after.  Good luck with whatever you decide. MW

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  3. Enjoyed the discussions and your threads, been a nice journey. Good luck on the job project and whatever you choose to go froward in life….hope we stay in touch via the FB sites. Thanks mate….. martin.

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  4. Do whatever you can to keep your domain name. They’re relatively cheap and your unique domain name is a finite resource — once you lose it, it’s pretty much gone forever. Plus if someone else grabs your domain when it expires they will benefit off of your identity and hard work built establishing it.

    An inexpensive and reliable place for domains is You can transfer there and save quite a bit of money which is what I did.

    I’ll be happy to donate for a year or two’s worth of domain fees so I’ll send that along shortly.

    All the best and thank you for sharing your expertise.

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    1. P.S. I noticed I can only send $3 using your button, a domain obviously costs a bit more. Let me know I can send you more. PayPal or something of the sort?

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      1. Thank you Ray, that is most generous. I shall renew the domain and continue with it following all the advice. If you need anything, anything at all, please let me know and I will try and help.

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  5. Hello Mark,
    I’m not going to give you advice, you’ll find your way on your own, and that’s always the best.
    My experience is that life sometimes turns out differently than what a person planned – and I mean that in a positive way.
    I already noticed that you liked the video making, so I’m glad you’re going that route – I’m already looking forward to the next video !
    I wish you the best of luck in your quest, and hope everything falls into place the way you like it.
    Overseas greetings!

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    1. Thank you Marc, the next video should be an interesting one, we’re out next Tuesday to an area with a lot of different subjects in a small area. Keep in touch my friend. I’ll keep going as kind as I possibly can, even if it’s once every two weeks


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