My friend Sebastian said it best, and I quote:

I see many photographers asking on Facebook questions like : What is the best lens for this type of photography? Another question is: What are the best settings for using my flash, or what is the best flash? And finally one, related to #fujifilm #photography : What is the best film simulation for this type of photography, or the best monochrome recipe?

Then I see the answers, people fighting for being right with their answer and their suggested lenses, cameras, settings, flash guns and film simulations.

I rarely give any answer, because we need to understand something essential :
“The best…” is a relative concept. There is no such thing as the best camera, or lens, or flash, or film simulations. We are all different, our needs and tastes in photography are different. What is the best for you, might not be the best for me.
If we could switch the words “the best” with “great”, it will surely make a lot of sense.

I have seen a lot of photos made with “the best” which have almost zero artistic value and I have seen some breath-taking photos made with entry level, or mid-level gear (and certainly not the best settings, nor the best film simulation).

It’s not about the gear, nor the film simulations. Focus on the story, the subject, the composition, the captured emotion and the emotion your photograph will generate in the eyes and minds of those who look at it. If your products have intrinsic power, it doesn’t matter too much the lens and the post-processing technique.

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Published by Mark G.Adams

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One thought on “My friend Sebastian said it best, and I quote:

  1. The question might better be asked, what lens is best for me or what lens am I most comfortable with? It is about the photographer, rather than the lens. Hope all is well Mark. Allan

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