Using the 7.5mm fisheye lens as a rectilinear wide-angle lens (with images from Laugharne Castle)

I haven’t used my TTArtisan 7.5mm fisheye lens enough over the last few months, and it’s not because I don’t like it. I really do love the lens, how it performs and how it displays colours, contrast and sharpness. It’s because I don’t always want everything to look like a fisheye. I know it’s easy enough to convert from fisheye to rectilinear, but I haven’t been in that mindset for one simple reason which I will discuss below.

I love my images to usually be one of three aspect ratios; either 3:2 or 5:4 and occasionally I will also choose 1:1 square format. Anything wider I tend to dismiss, but after a lot of thought and experimenting I think I will have to change the way I think about this.

I have created three quick actions in Photoscape X Pro to convert fisheye photographs. I call them simply “Fisheye Correct 1 (Super wide)”, “Fisheye Correct 2 (Cropped straighter)” and “Fisheye Correct 3 (Wide & stretched)”.

Here is an example of the original images:

Original FIsheye Image with ZERO corrections
Image with #1 adjustments (Super Wide)
Image with #2 adjustments (Cropped straigher)
Image with #3 adjustments (wide and stretched)

As you can see, both Adjustment #1 and #2 have kept the 3:2 aspect ratio of the image, and while I like them, it’s #3 that I will be using mostly from now on. I feel it captures the scene in front of me much more accurately than the first two conversions, however, they work perfectly well for certain subjects.

Here then, are images taken on the extraordinary Laugharne Castle visit. All of them are taken with the X-T3 and TTArtisan 7.5mm lens and corrected using #3 technique (it’s actually set up as a “macro” on PhotoScape X Pro).

As you can see, they look very cinematic! They are not quire 16:9, as if I crop to 16:9 ratio, there is a tiny amount of image left at the top or bottom of the screen as you can see in this image. If the full image is cropped 3:2 you get a similar border on the image.

How it compares to 16:9 aspect ratio.

I know not everyone is a lover of fisheye lenses, so I hope that I can sell their praises by showing just how versatile they can be, and why, if you can get one, they are worth every penny that you spend!

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