A Trip Around Neath Fair Market Stalls

Like clockwork, the fair arrives at Neath town centre every September on the second Tuesday of the month. It has been a spectacle since its first introduction in 1280 and lasts until the Saturday, giving us five days of market stalls and fairground rides. The sites, the smell and the people make this a special event, but, because of covid, this year there was a lot less on offer than there ever has been.

The wife and myself wandered around the stalls, picking up bits and pieces, and as is always the tradition, the heavens opened up and umbrellas popped up all around us. It’s as if the fair brings the rain along with it! I thought this year I would do something a bit different, so I decided to photograph in black and white… But… I didn’t like the monochrome images, they just didn’t suit the vibe of the event, so I used the raw files from the Olympus EPL8 and edited them in Darktable. Shooting at my favourite 35mm equivalent (17mm lens), this was the first time I had put this camera and lens through a busy environment of me walking and photographing while a lot was going on.

Here are some of my favourite images from the visit. 13 images… I don’t know how I managed to edit 13, that is so unlucky!

Hopefully these bring you the feel of the town market. I’m hoping to take my boys to the fairground on Friday night, so hopefully there’ll be some interesting shots from that outing too!

Let me know wat you think!


Published by Mark G.Adams

Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

2 thoughts on “A Trip Around Neath Fair Market Stalls

  1. I see you’re really starting to like the camera 🙂
    but I understand that all too well, the Oly Pen’s are real gems !
    Despite the apparently bad weather, they still look good. They have a touch of vintage look in the colors, and the polaroid style frame is very nice too.
    My favorite is no.9, I could almost imagine myself in Istanbul.
    Take care Mark !

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