Where I want to go with my photography lenses (my current road map).

I’ve been making some changes lately, I’ve sold some of my Fujifilm gear and I’ve invested into the Olympus ecosystem for the very first time. Over the years I’ve grown to realise what I use, what I don’t and where I want to go. Here’s a brief set of thoughts.

Am I moving to Olympus?

Firstly, and most importantly, I’m not moving to Olympus as my main camera. I specifically bought the E-PL8 as it was perfect for my needs, plus I chose the two lenses I did for where I want to go in the future.

The 17mm (35mm equivalent) is, as I’ve said on numerous occasions, my favourite focal length. At F/2.8 I can throw it in and just point and capture images in most light conditions. It’s also tiny, so it’s a combination I can take anywhere.

The 14-42mm (28mm-84mm) is another tiny pancake lens, but offers a wider focal reach and closer close-up capabilities. Ideal for when there’s flowers, insects, buildings and more.

These are the only two lenses I intend to keep for this system, as they serve me my specific need for any situation that I envisage.

My Fujifilm changes.

I’ve made big changes to my Fujifilm line-up of lenses (selling many lenses along the way). The X-T3 is very capable, and my current lenses serve me well. However, when I went into the Fujifilm ecosystem, I always wanted to go fully, or mostly fully prime lenses of F/2 or better.

I have three current lenses that have this target specification. The Viltrox 23mm F/1.4, which has been my favourite lens for a long time, my TTArtisan 7.5mm fisheye, which is my super wide angle lens, and the Yashica 50mm F/2 manual focus vintage lens which gives amazing results.

My two zoom lenses are the XC15-45mm, which I have never sold as I like it’s range (even though I hate it’s zoom mechanism) and the XC50-230mm which is my telephoto lens that serves me extremely well. Neither lens has let me down optically, however I am really thinking of making a little change.

I currently adore the focal range and look and feel of the Yashica 50mm. However, as it’s manual focus, I’m finding it limited for anything other than static images. Therefore, I’m thinking of adding a modern 50/56mm F/1.4 lens sooner rather than later.

As I said, prime lenses have always been my real aim with the Fujifilm system. I love using prime lenses, I find them much better for photography, as I know exactly what the final image will look like, before I even put the camera to my eye. I’m thinking a 14mm F/2 or 13mm F/1.4 could be a possibility, and eventually sell my beloved (and hated) XC15-45. Of course, size also plays a part in my philosophy, so this will play a part in my final decision.

These changes would take my Fujifilm lenses to a 7.5mm F/2 for super wide angles, a 13/14mm F/2 or F/1.4 for general wide angle, a 23mm F/1.4 for general use and a 50mm F/1.4 for short telephoto. I believe that would cover all the basis I need, as of course I have the Olympus already covering that range with the 14-42mm zoom.


Photography is an ongoing experience. I’m at a point where I’ve tried everything I need to try, experimented with what I need to and know in my mind exactly what I now need to fulfil my goals.

As I am looking for work now, I’m not sure which way things will pan out, but at least I have this vision. Fast glass and the opportunity to photograph inside events such as weddings and birthdays with these amazing primes could be a starting point to a whole new career.

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Fujifilm And Olympus Documentary Photographer, YouTuber & Blogger.

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